Art Throughout The Years: Part 3 (Final)

In the first two sections, I displayed mostly older art. Today, for the third and final part, I'd like to present some of my newer pieces. This first piece was a sketch I did during a scene in a commercial we were filming at S.M.U. and I was playing a film student. 

Moving on...

This was the beginning of a board game I started but haven't finished. It's based around each player being a serial killer from the world's past as they descend down into hell. The rest of the game is played out in alternate dimensions of hell. This board game should be finished by the end of the year and has an extremely intricate dice that I created.

Honestly, all of the sketches and screw-people were made while I was bored in office meetings. I don't care too much for meetings that last past 20 minutes, unless everyone is brainstorming something. Otherwise, if you're going over action items for an hour plus, you're wasting your time. 

Now it's time for my harder projects...

This was a game I worked on for a month or two. So far, this was the most work I have put into creating a board game. When looking at the actual piece, every inch of this thing is unique.

The idea was that god had destroyed the world, but choose 6 lucky humans to be flushed down a cosmic toilet into a world called "Planet A" (which was the name of the game.) Each player had to make it through the world, where each person had to do different tasks, make up songs, watch videos that I made for the game, solve puzzles, and more. The game was played only once and took almost 4 hours.


The last piece I'll show you was my entry into the Box Trolls Nike contest. If you won, you got a limited edition pair of Box Trolls Nikes. Fortunately, I did end up winning with this project and got the shoes, a specialized box, Box Troll-themed socks made of gauze, and the tissue paper inside was a crumpled up newspaper from the town, in the movie.

These were the winning pair:

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my art as much as I have making it all. I suppose the only way to end out a 3 part post on art, is to show a picture from the one art show I hosted early last year showcasing some of the pictures you've seen and some not. I hope all of this somehow inspires you to go create your own art now!