Art Throughout The Years: Part 2.

As I talked about in part one, my job was at a guest services booth inside of a mall, which yielded a lot of extra time. We were encouraged to read if we got bored, which I sometimes did. In this post however, I'd like to show you all some of the random pieces of art I completed in this time.

In the booth, we had a lot of extra, almost dried up modeling clay, to which I took full advantage of. This was used in the top three images. The bottom three photos were made of simple office supplies. It was interesting to me how changing the angle of the scissors would change my characters mood. 

It would be advantageous to you as the reader, for me to add that during this time, I was confused religiously and found all religions to be somewhat of an interesting topic. For this small sketch, I tried combining different religious symbols into one meditating human outline. At the time, it was my ode to a general respect for all of them. 

These were made on small manila envelopes and represented different moods, characters, and cultures. Over all though, they were just fun to make. Small arts and crafts like these almost always lead to a larger project, though this time, they remained 'as is' and hung on my wall for a long time. I've lost track of the majority of them now.

Here are some more clay designs. I'm not sure if you can tell, but I was a huge Tim Burton fan at the time (and still am). Something about his art makes me feel like a kid again and yet, delivers the right kind of enjoyable horror for adults. I'd love to create something with him one day, be it just art, a movie, or something in between.

Above, is a design I left in my friends apartment one night. Incorporating other designs into forming a face has always been fascinating to me. If you keep the human facial structure outline, you can almost use anything and everyone will know it's a face. Hooray for our natural facial recognition software.

I try not to be too political in my art. I typically find it boring and useless, but I suppose I was feeling a different way when I made these. The pictures seem to capture why I made these and their point.

I was a huge fan of Doug in the 90's and for some reason, when I saw these two batteries, I felt compelled to create Skeeter. To end Part two out, here are a bunch of paper airplanes in different stages. Not a strong ending to this article, but still an ending. Part 3(the final part) will be up this week!