Art Throughout The Years: Part 1.

I'm not sure how many people feel this way, but I find it odd to be called an 'artist'. It just seems so...pretentious. Maybe that isn't the right word, but it makes me feel dirty, as if I don't deserve that title, because I'm not Leonardo Da Vinci. Although I still hate the word, I can't seem to stop creating in one way or another, seemingly embracing the artist archetype.

If there's one thing I learned while in film school, it was that if you can't leave your fears and preconceived notions of who you think you are suppose to be behind and embrace an area outside of your comfort zone, you'll never progress or be able to create a compelling art piece. I thought I'd create a few posts based around my art work, from over the past 5+ years. Over the next week, I will be showcasing this art in different posts. I hope you enjoy it!

A sketch I did on a friends refrigerator. 

A sketch I did on a friends refrigerator. 

When I was still living in my parents house in my early 20's, my sleep schedule was dictated by working at a Pacsun and Barnes & Noble, then shortly after, a guest services booth for the same mall.  I would wake up at 3-4pm, go to work, skateboard in the middle of the night, and then go home and work on odd projects until 6 or 7 in the morning. To be honest, I sometimes miss this lifestyle. 

These projects would consist of writing, creating art, and various other weirder, more abstract activities. One of the art projects I created was with a potato I saw lying motionless in the kitchen. My first thought was, "That potato needs an adventure." So, I gave him one. 

 I first gave him a name: "Archibald", which would later in life become the name of my main character in my book, "Death Is Nothing, When Considered." Then I gave him pennies for ears on top of his head, cardboard arms, and leg. His other walking appendage was peg leg, which once alive, he wouldn't tell me how he got it and I was feeling too polite to ask. He didn't seem to mind having paper eyes and a mouth either. 

"It's time to adventure, Archibald." I told him. He nodded and came along.

Archie visited The White House first.

He then temporarily lost his way and traversed dirt roads for awhile.

In the middle of a corn field, he found a time machine that doubled as a rocket ship...

"The moon is beautiful" he said, "but I'm beginning to get tired. What a day!" Off to bed Archibald went when he returned to Earth. *zzZZzzzZzzz*

"Art Throughout The Years: Part 2"

coming out tomorrow.