It's Time To Get Excited About Captain America: Civil War.

This week is getting very comic book-y, which I'm definitely okay with. Yesterday, I posted the new trailer for Doctor Strange, a movie I can't stop telling people about. Today, I'm freaking out, because the reviews are coming in about Captain America: Civil War and well...they are almost ALL POSITIVE. Some critics are saying this is the best movie that Marvel has made yet.

Civil War will be introducing a lot of new characters, most notably (to me anyway) is Black Panther. This story arc in the comics, was amazing and I'm interested to see how much they will pull from the source material. More specifically, I've been wondering if they will kick it off with the superhero reality show plot point they led with in the comics. Only a short time will tell, as the movie releases in theaters on May 6th. 

To hopefully get you as excited as I am, below is a review (no spoilers), of Civil War from the awesome humans over at the Nerdist, as well as the trailer(which you should have seen by now!)