The Doctor Strange Trailer Is Finally Here!

My two favorite characters in the Marvel universe are Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange. I have dreamed of these two getting their own movies for some time and when I found out a couple years back that Marvel planned to make a live action movie of Strange, I became excited and worried at the same time. "What if they mess it up?" "What if they cast the wrong person as Doctor Strange?" "How will he fit into the Marvel cinematic universe, when Marvel has strongly pursued reality, rather than magic."

Well, the trailer dropped 16 hours ago and it looks like, at face-value, that they have created a movie worth the story. The movie as a whole looks fantastic and I am 10x more excited after seeing this trailer. (I may be a little biased of course, since I love Benedict Cumberbatch in everything that he does.) It's my absolute pleasure to present to you, Doctor Strange. 

Let me know what you think!