My Top 5 Favorite Music Videos of 2016

I should preface by saying that I'm sure I forgot some of my favorites over the entire year, but here's the list I came up with off of the top of my head. I choose each video for the art direction, how they made me feel, how I was feeling when I first saw them, and the songs narrative and sound. Let me know in the comments what your favorite videos of 2016 were!

I had the pleasure of seeing Watsky live for the first time on his tour through Dallas and he was amazing. I could really choose any video of his over the past few years and call them a favorite of mine. They are both lyrically and visually astounding.

This song has a lot of vibrant covers. This, however, is not the reason I chose it for this list. This song coincides with my trip to the iHeart radio concert in Miami, that a co-worker and I attended in May. I should probably mention that Snakehips was not there. It was just a song I kept playing in our hotel room over and over and OVER again. 

OK GO always sets the bar for music videos and this time was no different. For their new album, they released the above video in one incredible slow motion take. Watch and be amazed at the precision this must have taken to pull off.

This is one of Lil Dicky's only serious songs and it's one of my favorites. The suggested plot takes a turn mid-video and hits home with the year I've had. Lil Dicky shows off in this video that he can really take any kind of subject for a song and make it work, whether it's comedy or serious in tone and narrative. Also, Brendon Urie is in it, so, it's going to be good either way. 

This guy started out on X Factor and returned as an amazing artist. I've probably listened to and watched this video over a hundred times since I first found it. I love everything about it. It probably also helps that I found it in the time of my life that I did. Check out his unique voice above.