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Visiting the Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit.

 Photo courtesy of The New Yorker

Photo courtesy of The New Yorker

The first movie I ever saw from Guillermo Del Toro was Pan's Labyrinth.  The story line, the visuals, the character progression - all of it was amazing. As I tip toed through his other films, I could see an unrequited passion for horror from start to finish. This was an artist who took a genre that was and is at times brushed off as illegitimate film making to a select few snobs in Hollywood and created brilliantly detailed films that reflected his personal brand of art.

This past week I've been in California and had the privilege to visit LACMA, which is Los Angeles's local art museum. This week they were featuring not only art from Del Toro's movies, but also displayed some of his personal art collection. I didn't take pictures of everything obviously, but I attempted to capture some of my favorite pieces.