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Need Some Inspiration? Meet Wayne White.

 Photo courtesy of Smashing Interviews

Photo courtesy of Smashing Interviews

I first found out about Wayne White after watching his documentary "Beauty is Embarrassing". I'm not sure that I've ever connected to an artist in the way that I connected to this man's outlook on the art world and his life in general. He knows exactly how he wants to live his life and he does it.

Now this sounds simple, but how many of us actually live the way we want to? Recently, I've had some hardships, and once again I've rediscovered White and his work. He inspires me personally to keep going for what I love and to stay focused. I should add, I love a lot of things and I'm not even sure what exactly I hope to achieve in life, but listening to his TED Talk, I know that's okay. Even the most confident looking and sounding humans are still trying to figure themselves out and navigate this world. 

It's okay to be unsure about your present and future. Hell, I know I am. If you're needing some inspiration like I've needed a lot lately, take 18+ minutes out of your day to listen to this man's incredible TED talk. You won't be disappointed.