Remaining Young is a Choice.

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I want to stay a kid forever. I hear a lot of people say that they want this as well, but growing up, I've realized that that isn't true. A lot of adults in our society today continue to create a separation between the things that they truly love and the things they teach themselves to pass their time with. As a collective, we have deemed certain types of art as childish (Legos) and others as sophisticated(painting). We've done the same with collecting and how we're suppose to spend our weekdays and weeknights. For some odd reason, we generally allow ourselves to enjoy hilarious/immature movies in a movie theater and yet, we hardly ever (as a populous) allow ourselves the satisfaction of adventuring a nearby tunnel or creating a puppet show for no monetary gain, or buy and play with toys - all for the love of just playing with something.

I'd like to see the future as a place where the next generation isn't subjected to social norms. I'd like to shape a world where people are genuinely satisfied with their lives and what they spend their free time doing. A place where a suit or dress can be worn because people like the way that they look in it, but not because a job require it of you.  I'm really writing this today to (hopefully) at least reach one person out there. That person is someone who is genuinely dissatisfied with life and feel that they have lost their reason to get up in the morning. Or, someone who feels like they've grown up too fast.

Changing mindsets can be hard, internally and outwardly. Fellow adults may not understand you and think that you are being childish and guess what? That's perfectly fine. Let those around you see your immaturity, as long as it isn't hurting anyone else. Never grow up (whatever that means.)

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