Science Discussions and The Static Speaks My Name.

Tonight, I got to revisit with an old friend and spent 5 hours playing Pokemon the card game, discussing science and religion, and drinking Blue Moon. This was after spending the day with another old friend and skating downtown Dallas and Frisco. Today was one of those days in life that feel like they went exactly as they should have.

We also decided that every Saturday, for the foreseeable future, we will pick a scientific topic, learn as much as we can about it the previous week and discuss it and the ideas we have surrounding that subject. Our topic for next Saturday? Gravity. I can't wait.

Now, to switch gears, here’s an interesting, (free) game I found that’s called, "The Static Speaks My Name". The game revolves around the act of suicide which delivers as unnerving and thought provoking gameplay. Download it HERE.

The Movie That No One Will See For 100 Years.

Late night (Journal)