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⤥ Shred The Multiverse ⤦

S.T.M. is a playlist of skate edits with myself and friends in each montage.

⤥ Films and Skits ⤦

Like the title implies, this is a playlist of short films and skits my friends and I have done over the years.


⤥ Rad Music series ⤦

This playlist showcases the music my friends and I have made in various musical genres.

⤥ Eric Kuhns Skateboarding ⤦

This playlist includes all of the solo skate parts I've put out over the years.


⤥ DFW Skate Spots ⤦

DFW Skate Spots is an instagram/YouTube series where friends and I find cool skate spots around Dallas Fort Worth and tell you where to find them.

⤥ Koonagi Adventures ⤦

Koonagi Adventures is a general Vlog of adventures and tomfoolery.